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Exploring Mobility, the Cloud, and Analytics

Posted by Brett Anderson on Feb 27, 2015 4:21:00 PM

It’s an exciting time to be in technology! With new advancements each year, we are seeing increasing productivity, decreasing costs and many new ways to interact with customers. As these new technologies become more mature, their credibility increases and their usefulness in everyday business grows. Looking out into 2015, Network Center, Inc. is excited about 3 technologies in particular, and we encourage our customers to explore how they can make a difference in their business. Although Mobility, Cloud and Analytics have been around for many years, we believe they have grown in their features and practical uses. These three technologies will play an even larger role in 2015 and beyond. Here are a few of our thoughts in these areas.


The use of mobile devices (tablets and phones) to drive productivity has gained popularity over the past several years. The reality is mobility is a two-sided coin and both sides of the coin need to be understood before you can embrace all that a mobile strategy can do for your business. The first consideration is related to productivity. How can you maximize your workforce via mobile devices? Allowing employees to access corporate email on their mobile devices is the easiest way to drive productivity, but everyone is doing this. How do you set yourself apart from your competition?  How can you make a difference in your employees’ success? How can you improve on the customer experience? These three questions can help you craft ideas that really make a difference. For instance, do you need an app with sales information? Or maybe a secure, responsive intranet site for inventory or scheduling details? There are many ways to leverage a mobile device to empower your employees and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Network Center, Inc. encourages you to build a strategy that fits your business!

The second consideration is the risk associated with allowing company resources to be accessed via mobile devices. What if the device is lost or stolen? What if there isn’t a passcode on the device? What if there are documents stored locally? What if the applications on the device have loose security? How do you mitigate these risks? The best way to address this is with an ‘insurance policy’ – a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can help you mitigate these risks. There are many MDM solutions in the market, but we can help you choose one that is a good fit for your needs.


If you have heard a few of us at Network Center, Inc. talk about “The Cloud”, you’ve probably heard a little sarcasm in our voice when we use that word – people are using the term “Cloud” to mean everything but nothing in particular. We’ve been fortunate enough to have many great clients who have embraced the cloud at varying levels. And this is really the power of the cloud – being able to choose what makes the most sense for your organization. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a fully customizable palette you can choose from. A few of these scenarios we have helped our customers with include: 

  1. Moving servers, compute and infrastructure offsite
  2. Leveraging productivity-based software in the cloud
  3. Building a business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) solution
  4. Mitigating connectivity or other soft issues
  5. Addressing cyclical and seasonal needs with scalable solutions

There are so many benefits to moving pieces of your business to the cloud. We encourage you to talk with Network Center, Inc. to see how the cloud can save you money, drive productivity and reduce risk. 


If you attended nVision 2014 you heard me talk about the power of analytics. I call it one of the most impactful yet underused technologies of the past 10 years. The best way to define the concept of analytics is to describe its benefits:

  1. Self-service: Easy to use and does not require a report writing expert.  If you can use Excel you can leverage analytics.
  2. Interactive: You can ask questions of the data, build variations of reports and be more analytical without writing new reports from scratch.
  3. Predictive: Analytics can be used in trending and predicting!
  4. Distributable: Rather than sending out large files, analytic solutions are based on reports that link back to the server data.

Many of our customers define Analytics as a game changer. If you want to learn how analytics can change your business, talk to your Network Center, Inc. representative. We at Network Center, Inc. are excited for what's to come, and we challenge our customers to do great things.

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Increase Effectiveness of Your Web Presence Using Website Analytics

Posted by Joe Dunnigan on Sep 13, 2013 4:59:00 PM

Google Analytics screenshotIt is uncommon today to find a business that does not have some sort of web presence, whether it is a simple site with a few pages of information, an interactive site with many features, or a full online store. Having a website means that customers have another way to locate and contact you, find information about your products and services, and use or order those products and services. Providing this resource is very important, but how do you know your investment is effective and that you are reaching your audience the way you intended? One valuable tool that helps you answer these questions and reach these goals is website traffic analytics.

Website analytics involves gathering anonymous statistics regarding visitors to your website. The number of visitors, return visits, how long they stayed on the site, and which pages they visited are just some of the statistics that can be made available. With this data, you can begin to determine if your site is being found through search engines, if people are easily finding the information they need, and where improvements can be made to assist your users in navigating your site.

There are many reasons why you might want to implement website analytics. Evaluating an investment in a new or existing web presence, and determining additional money that should be spent on that presence rely heavily on proper data that can be gathered by implementing an analytics package. There are many analytics package offerings, with some of the most popular packages being offered as free services. Google Analytics is the most popular free offering, and integrates well with other Google services, such as Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools. With a little help from your web hosting company or web development team, you can have analytics added to your site and begin gathering data.

Once you have analytics up and running, you can begin to review data. Simple statistics such as number of visits in a month, return visits, and time spent on the site can help determine if you are getting a return on your value. Reviewing data on most visited pages can help you determine what content on your site is most valuable to users, which may drive decisions on where to concentrate time in content or navigation improvements. Using advanced tools, you can track clicks through your site, helping to ensure that often-viewed content can be accessed quickly and easily.

Website VisitsAnalytics data can also provide information on where your users are geographically and what devices they are using to access your site. If you find that a large percentage of your users are coming from a certain geographical area and accessing information specific to that region, you could assist by making it easier to access that content; for instance, placing a graphic or link on your home page that would direct users to the highly-viewed content on your site. If you find that an increasing number of users are accessing your site from mobile devices, you may look at increased investment in mobile-friendly site content, or possibly even a mobile app.

In addition to website analytics, companies providing analytics services are incorporating mobile app analytics into their offerings. Implementing mobile app analytics can help you track your app offerings from search, to download, to usage. If you're curious if a new feature you just implemented in your app was worth the cost, plugging in analytics could be a quick way to verify the investment.

The availability and ease of implementation for analytics packages makes it a wise investment for many organizations, with a quick return on investment. If you're curious about the effectiveness of your web presence, adding website analytics is an easy decision.

If you have questions about website analytics, please contact NetWork Center, Inc. for more information.

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