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5 Reasons to Move to VoIP

Posted by Paul Dahlen on May 9, 2014 4:00:00 PM

voip resized 600Many businesses today have already made the change to VoIP to take advantage of its numerous capabilities. Why have they decided to move from a traditional phone system to a Voice over IP solution? Below we will briefly touch on 5 VoIP benefits.

  1. Centralized Management – With this model, you can lower your IT costs by managing multiple locations from one spot. For example, if you have additions, moves, or changes you are doing them in one place, rather than making those changes for a remote location or on a physical system at that remote location.

  2. Flexibility – with a few clicks of a button, you can add phones, voicemail, and instant messaging quickly and efficiently.

  3. Scalability – The systems can easily grow to accommodate your business’ growth if needed.

  4. Feature Rich – VoIP systems offer many features that older analog systems simply cannot. These features can enhance your employee’s productivity out of the gate.

  5. Save Money – Interoffice calls can traverse your existing network/WAN infrastructure, saving money on office to office calling. Office productivity will increase as a result of the features VoIP provides. You could also take advantage of routing calls that would otherwise be Long Distance, out a gateway located at a remote branch, where the call would be a local call.

All in all, there are many great benefits that VoIP offers over traditional systems. If you would like to learn more, contact a Sales Representative at NetWork Center, Inc. today.

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Features & Benefits of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Posted by Jeremy Hostrup on Apr 19, 2013 5:10:00 PM

VoIP phone systemMany companies are making the transition to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. There are many features and benefits that companies can gain by making the transition to VoIP. One of the main benefits of VoIP is the reduced costs of add’s, move’s and change’s. The average cost of add’s, move’s, or change’s with digital/analog phone systems can vary but are generally more expensive than with a VoIP phone system. Some of the advantages of using a VoIP system include: remote phone access, easy integration with call recording software, instant messaging, voicemail, call center software, ability to easily tie together multiple sites over a WAN, toll bypass, and extension mobility.

With an analog phone system it is not generally possible for someone to take the phone off their desk, bring it home and have that phone work like they were sitting at their desk. With VoIP this is made possible with a few configuration changes on the firewall and the phone system. After the configuration changes are made, the phone will create a VPN tunnel to the phone system through the firewall and will work like it’s in the office from basically anywhere with an internet connection.  Another way this is possible with a VoIP system is with the use of a soft phone and VPN from the user’s computer. (A softphone is a piece of software that is installed on a PC that has most of the functions of an IP phone.) Since most users already have VPN on their computers for offsite access, it is easy to install a softphone and connect that back to the office.

voip business phone system resized 600Most VoIP phone systems have the ability to integrate very easily with call recording software, instant messaging, voicemail, and call center software. With call recording software, you could have a server that was dedicated to recording phone calls for a call center for auditing purposes. Instant messaging software can also be tied into a VoIP phone system so that users can see if someone is on the phone, make a phone call from their desktop, or click a number on their computer and have their desk phone call the number. In addition, voicemail comes with many VoIP phone systems and can be integrated directly into email for a single place to manage all messages. Call center software can be used to provide call queuing for customer service needs.

Toll bypass or tail end hop off (TEHO) is easy to implement with a VoIP phone system. An example would be if you have an office in California and one in Delaware, you could configure the VoIP system so you have 4 digit dialing between the offices. Then if you were to dial the Delaware office from the California office, it would be considered local, allowing you to avoid long distance charges.

VoIP advantagesExtension mobility allows a user to log out of their phone and log into any other phone connected to the VoIP phone system. This allows a user to go between locations or offices and maintain their extension and preferences. This is very useful if you have people that use the same desk on different shifts or if you have personnel that travel between offices.

There are many features and functionality that can be leveraged from current VoIP systems to give your business the ability to communicate better internally as well as providing a better experience for your customers. If you have any questions in how a VoIP solution could better help your business please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the contact us button below.

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Topics: Technology Solutions, NetWork Center Inc., VoIP

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