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Introducing "The Technocrats" Podcast

Posted by Eric Kupfer on Feb 11, 2016 4:50:43 PM

One of the best parts of working at Network Center, Inc. (NCI) is that we get to work with some of the most interesting and creative minds in the upper Midwest.  The funny thing about interesting people is that they are always having interesting conversations. Nothing in particular, just the informal conversations that happen between co-workers. It's what makes coming to work fun. You might call it water-cooler talk. Of course, here at NCI we spend our day thinking about and working with technology, so this often shapes the conversation.

iTunesArtwork_Technocrats.jpgAt any given time we might be discussing the best way to solve a problem for a client, a new product, IT news or trends in the industry that are noteworthy. The conversation serves to entertain, educate and solve problems.

It's easy to see the benefit that this type of interaction brings to any company. Nearly all businesses are active on social media, author blogs, etc. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to capture the real conversation in 140 characters on Twitter or in a blog post. To bridge that gap, Solution Architects, Eric Kupfer and Ric Todd are introducing a bi-weekly podcast called, "The Technocrats."

"The Technocrats" will bring the conversation outside of the NCI walls. Topics will range from a high level discussion on technology trends and industry shifts that IT decision makers care about, all the way down the stack to the 1's and 0's that an IT admin needs to keep up with in order to maintain critical systems. In many cases, the discussion will be based directly on conversations we're having with customers and peers that week.

We hope the to add insight to discussions that your company or IT team is having, or perhaps even start a conversation. To do this we need your help! We want the show to be interactive.

Please follow us on Twitter @theTcrats

Let us know if there is a topic you would like to have covered and what you think of the show! 

In the first podcast we discuss:

  • The death of IE and its implications
  • Veeam 9 and some of the new features we think may make a new difference for your shop
  • VMware vSphere 6.0 Update 1b and why you should be interested in finally deploying version 6 if you haven’t already


To find more information check out:

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