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Utilizing Social Media Outlets For Your Business

Posted by Mia Ness on Jul 24, 2015 3:00:00 PM

So what’s all the hype about?

technology_imageIn today’s day and age, social media has become a powerful marketing tool. According to a new study described on, four out of five corporations in America leverage social media outlets to help build relationships with their customers, and expand their client base. Companies that use Social Media Marketing (SMM) are able to branch out to far more individuals than traditional means of marketing, and information can potentially reach millions in the blink of an eye.  Here are a couple things to keep in mind to help you get started, or build on your current SMM campaign.

Use social media as a means to drive traffic to your existing website

If you already have a website, SMM can be a great tool in driving people there. On your site, encourage visitors to share content that they are interested in and that they enjoy. If you utilize a blog, make sure you announce new posts on your social media outlets. People following you will see these announcements and be redirected to your site to read or watch more. At this point they’ll most likely click around and explore. If your visitor sees more information they like, there’s a good chance they’ll repost it. Everyone following them will now see the post linking to your site, potentially generating even more traffic. It’s essentially a snowball of digital information. At the end of a blog post always include a link to contact you if the reader wishes to do so. Make it easy to reach out to your business.

Establish yourself as an Industry Resource

It’s all about building your brand and getting your name out there. The trick is to always keep your content fresh. You want your viewers to keep coming back for more because your resources are interesting and relevant to them, or to their business. People will start to see you as a leader, and great resource for interesting links and relevant information. This leads to more followers, positive word of mouth, and ultimately more business!

Put a face (or faces) to your brand

Who’s behind your brand? Before initiating a business relationship, most people will take time to do some research on the company they’ll be working with. Highlight company events with photography. Put a visual to your information. If your business participates any community events, social media is the ideal place to spread the word and encourage your clients and followers to participate as well.  

Learn more about your customer base and how reach them on the go

Looking at who is following you can be a great indicator on how to proceed with your digital strategy. Ask questions and encourage followers to post feedback. What are they looking to get out of your posts? Which media outlets are they most likely to follow you on? Where are your clients located? These are all important questions you can answer by taking a look at the demographics of your followers, and finding out what they want to get out of your posts. Social media is all about making connections, and keeping those connections strong.

Engage your followers

Keep your followers interested by holding social media contests that encourage people to connect with you and post their feedback. A contest can stand on its own, or you can tag it onto a live event to add an extra layer of interaction. The main thing is to have fun with it and get people involved. There’s no limit to how creative you can get with your SMM campaigns.

It’s about more than just strengthening your client base

Use social media to grow your team as well as your clientele. Looking for an addition to your team? A friend of a follower who re-tweeted your tweet might be the perfect candidate for the job. Don’t be afraid to get that word out there and proactively work towards growing your business.

There’s no limit to the creative ideas that go into SMM, and it is an important component in the overall digital strategy of your business plan. The Interactive Services team at Network Center, Inc. can help guide you through this process of selecting the right SMM campaign that best fits your company’s needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today, and let us help you make the most out of your company’s social media experience!

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