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SvSAN Brings Software Defined Storage to SMB & Remote Office Environments

Posted by Eric Kupfer on Apr 20, 2015 9:42:00 AM

stormagic_logo_cmyk_on_white-RGBWhile attending VMware Partner Exchange this year we were introduced to StorMagic. We believe that they have a product that can provide unique value to some of our small business customers and clients with remote or branch offices. Often, these customers have the same requirements for uptime and hardware resiliency as bigger companies, but for various reasons a SAN solution will not work or isn’t in the budget.

Typically, to achieve high availability and hardware redundancy, at least two VMware hosts and highly available shared storage (usually a storage area network (SAN)) was required. The cost of the shared storage component left small offices and remote branches with the choice of maintaining an overly complex and expensive infrastructure or relying on a single server for all of their IT needs. To choose the second option meant accepting the risk that a single component failure may impact whether or not they could continue to conduct business as usual.

StorMagic_ROBOStorMagic SvSAN removes the most expensive component needed to create a highly available virtual infrastructure. SvSAN replaces a traditional SAN by mirroring data between two (or more) VMware hosts with direct attached or internal storage. VMware High Availability, vMotion, and all other “vOptions” are available, similar to if traditional shared storage was in place.

StorMagic publishes case studies that include production small business deployments as well as large retail and manufacturing companies with many remote locations. Typically, the sites feature a small number of virtual machines that are critical to production and need to be highly available.

SvSAN is simple to use and maintain for SMB customers with little or no onsite IT staff. Larger companies can centrally manage the product by seamlessly integrating it into the existing vSphere tools they already use.

If you are interested in getting a quick overview, here’s a link to a YouTube video that does a good job explaining how it works:

If you are interested in more information or think that the solution might be a good fit at your company, please reach out to Network Center, Inc. for a follow up!

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