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The Power of the Onsite Visit

Posted by Alex Kingsley on Mar 27, 2015 4:49:55 PM

server-room1A good majority of my first year working at Network Center, Inc. has been spent working onsite at one of our customer’s locations. Some might think that having a technician onsite is unnecessary, or maybe even be an inconvenience, but in my experience it is very much the opposite. There are many benefits that come with being onsite both during the project and for some time after.       

One of the best things we can do for our customers is to build a good, strong relationship with their end users. This creates trust, alleviates any customer anxiety, and creates an overall good feeling for the customer knowing that when they need help, they will be talking to someone who is willing and able to help them. Being onsite allows the customer to see a face behind the phone and helps them to see that we are normal people more than willing to assist in any way we possibly can.

While onsite I was troubleshooting an issue and talking to the end user. Through that conversation we happened to start talking about our families. The head of the department overheard us and came out and said “It is so nice to hear an IT geek talking about something as normal as their family. I thought all you guys talked about were computers.” It’s that personal touch that can go a long way differentiating traditional support with someone who actually cares. It’s not always about the technology. Quite honestly we find it’s as much about the person as an individual and understanding them as it is the technology and potential issues it may be causing. Another benefit is that it’s a great way to allow a customer to ask questions that they might not necessarily feel are important enough to call in about, but is something that still needs to be fixed.

Being onsite is a very powerful way to show the customer that our main objective is to help them in any way that we can, whether it be fixing something that is broken, or improving something that no longer works as well as it should. We strive to support our customers holistically and this is another means to help make that happen.

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