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Customer Appreciation at Network Center, Inc.

Posted by Andrew McKenzie on Jul 8, 2015 1:30:00 PM

DSC_0582-1As the old adage goes: “The customer is always right.” For those of us in the service industries, the debate on the validity of that saying can carry on until we’re all blue in the face, the cows come home, or whatever cliché you prefer. Here at Network Center, Inc., we believe in a different approach when it comes to customers. Whether they are right, wrong, or indifferent, they deserve to be appreciated.

In a world where projects and transactions can be done without any face to face interaction, customer appreciation is even more important. People nowadays often take things at face value and focus on the cost above else. Our customers need to know that we see each customer as a valuable partner in business, and not just an account number. One of our core values is Dedication to Customers. That’s why every year we host some events focused on the customer. Sure, we provide food, refreshments and entertainment, but more importantly we provide them the option to escape from the daily grind (for at least a few hours) in exchange for building a personal relationship with our employees. Those relationships allow us to become fully invested in assuring our customers have the service they expect.

The goal of these events is to show how much we appreciate the customers we have. No matter the size of a customer’s organization or how much or little they work with us, we truly value the relationships we create with each and every customer. We are, after all, only as good as our customers enable us to be.

photo_3-1A couple of short weeks ago we hosted our annual NCI Customer Golf Event at Rose Creek Golf Course. We invited customers and vendors to join us for lunch, a round of golf, and some appetizers during a social hour in which we awarded the various contest winners to end the day. For those who were able to make it, they were rewarded with beautiful weather and a judgment free zone for some of those swings they wish they could forget. To quickly summarize the event: fun was had by all.

This week, we will be hosting our annual customer appreciation event at a FM Redhawks business day game. An event where again food and refreshments are provided (it’s a recurring theme at NCI events), we offer a chance to kick back, enjoy America’s pastime, and escape the stressors of work for an afternoon. Oh, let’s not forget the postgame concert where you can cut a rug, or several, if that be your preference. 

If there’s anything you need to take away from this article, is that we want to thank each of our customers for their patronage. You’re the reason we can continue to grow, adapt, and improve as a company. We enjoy having fun and showering our customers with food and prizes and activities, but it’s nothing in comparison to how we value the partnerships and relationships we have with each and every one of you. We hope you feel appreciated as a customer every other day of the year, but for those couple of days you want to feel extra appreciated, don’t hesitate to attend our events!

For more information regarding our upcoming events, please feel free to contact your Network Center, Inc. employee of choice, or just give us a call at 701-235-0940 for guidance.

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