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The Positive Impact of Company Culture on your Business

Posted by Mia Ness on Dec 31, 2015 12:30:00 PM

Company culture is extremely important for any successful company. But what does that really mean? Why does a saidCorporateCup.jpg “culture” make such a difference in today’s corporate world?

A company culture is essentially the values and practices shared by the members of the group. In other words, how employees strive to live by a business’ core values.

Studies show that companies with an adaptive culture that is aligned with their business goals routinely outperform their competitors and have a lower turnover rate. According to an article from, “A Columbia University study shows that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with rich company culture is a mere 13.9 percent, whereas the probability of job turnover in poor company cultures is 48.4 percent.” (

But in order to achieve results like this for your organization, you have to first determine what your culture is and what you want it to be. Once that is established you can promote, and put that culture into practice.

Company cultures can evolve over time, but it’s important to look at the core fundamentals of your business. What traits really make your company successful? Here at Network Center, Inc. There are 3 main values that are a constant across our entire organization.

Commitment to Employees
We invest in our employees, enabling them to attain a deeper understanding of our products and stay up to date with new and evolving technologies on a broader scale. We feel our employees should always be a top priority, and we strive to celebrate individuals, teamwork, and their great achievements within the business. Ultimately we understand that our employees are at the core of our culture and we believe that if we have happy employees, then our customers will be happy too. A happy employee-base sets a stable foundation for any successful company no matter what the industry.

Dedication to Customers
Of course you can’t have a successful business without customers! This goes hand in hand with our first core value. WhenDedication_to_Customers_nVision.jpg you have employees that care about their work, they will in turn take great care of your customers. Great customer service creates loyal, passionate customers that keep coming back because they enjoyed their experience working with you.

Our employees understand our products and take the time to really get a good idea of a customer’s needs. By doing this we can better ascertain what solution best fits their needs, and come up with a viable solution that successfully fulfills that need within their budget. When our certified technicians find that perfect solution, we take pride in doing whatever it takes to ensure our clients stay up and running no matter what the project may be. The result of exceptional customer care is a solid, long-standing client relationship. Customers have a peace of mind because they know they will receive a high level of quality support, and know they will be working with familiar faces time and time again.

Responsible Innovation
Finally, we focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness of our customers' business processes through the implementation of well thought-out solutions. The entire company is open to new ideas. If someone has a concept that’s either going to help us do our jobs better, or help our customers’ businesses function more efficiently, the company is 110% supportive of promoting and utilizing those ideas. Continued education and updated certifications are a necessity in staying up to date in today’s fast-paced technology landscape. You can be confident that our employees are knowledgeable in their field and will go to lengths educating themselves on a new topic to better help you as a customer.

Here are a few tips to help you build a culture you want to promote:

1. Core Values You may already have a list of core values for your business. If not, try to come up core values that promote a healthy employee and customer experience. Those core values will give your employees direction and help shape your culture.

2. Teamwork Environment You see the posters promoting it all the time. But what does teamwork really boil down to? Your employees should be comfortable enough with each other to ask for help when it’s needed. Encourage positive work relationships between your employees. Create events that help break down barriers between employees, and make sure your employees have a reasonable workload to give them a little extra time to help their peers if needed.

3. Social Events Besides the normal yearly holiday party and maybe a summer picnic, create social events to help CommunityInvolvement.jpgbring your employees together. A competitive chili cook-off, or a Star Wars themed lunch with a costume contest are just a few fun ideas to toy with. Including clients in your social events can also promote a positive culture for your employees and customers. Maybe a day at the ballpark, or an evening at the art gallery can get people out of the work environment and give them a chance to mingle.

4. Community Involvement – Getting employees involved in the community is also a great way to build a strong foundation of teamwork while contributing to a beneficial cause. Encourage your employees to get involved in various community organizations they are interested in and contribute as a company. Plan events where employees have the option to participate in a community event for a few hours during the work day. Donating blood, volunteering at a local food bank, homeless shelter, or fundraising for a school supply drive are all great ideas for getting employees involved without taking away any of their own free time. Ask people what they're interested in and create a monthly or bi-monthly plan for giving back to your local community. 

5. Spirit Awards Your employees like to know when they are doing a great job. One way to show that is with spirit Commitment_to_Employees.jpgawards. Give them a chance to be recognized and rewarded. At Network Center, we reward employees that display our core values by using a nomination system. Employees can nominate their peers when they exemplify one or more of our core values. We also recognize employees for milestone years of service. Here at Network Center, Inc. we take pride in employee retention and reward individuals for their dedicated years of service to the company. 

Here at Network Center, Inc. our employees are always striving to live by our core values. When you work with us you can be confident that we care about you as a customer and that we’ll give our all to insure your project results in success.

If you’d like to share your company’s core values, or share your success stories, please comment below. To learn more about Network Center, Inc., check out our website at and browse the many technology solutions we offer. You can also stop by anytime in-person to get a first-hand look at our culture in action.


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NCI Core Value - Responsible Innovation

Posted by Sean Todd on Jun 26, 2015 2:30:00 PM
dreamstime_xl_45967026Merriam-Webster defines innovation as “the introduction of something new; a new idea, method, or device”. As a company we innovate every day whether it’s developing a new application, a new bundle of product offerings, or simply a new way we interact both internally between employees and externally with customers.
Innovation is what keeps us relevant. Without it we would have been out of business a long time ago. We have the gift of employees who constantly push the boundaries. Employees who don’t stop looking for that next great product even though we have a list of similar products that seem to be doing just fine. We aren’t afraid to ask why. We don’t accept “because it’s how we’ve always done it” responses. We’re constantly looking to improve, and improvement equals innovation.

Add the word ‘Responsible’ and we have created one of our core values. Responsible Innovation. Innovating in a way that impacts our customers, our community, and our company in a positive way with an eye to the future. Responsible Innovation can be measured many ways, but here are a few:

• Ethics – Does this innovation align with our core values?
• Sustainability – How does this innovation impact our future? Is it a short win, or a long term win? What resources will it take to get off the ground and maintain throughout its lifecycle? Is there or will there be enough demand?
• Stewardship – Ensuring constant communication with each other and customers to prevent large project overruns, everything we do affects the bottom line.

Who is responsible for innovating? Everyone. Regardless of the department, Responsible Innovation falls on everyone. We aren't afraid to ask why. Asking why often opens the door to innovation. Innovating is what keeps us relevant today, and tomorrow, and ensures that our company will be around for many years to come.

To learn more about Network Center, Inc. core values, please visit our Core Values page on our website.

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