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2015 Technology Trends Recap

Posted by Ric Todd on Apr 10, 2015 5:15:00 PM

business-intelligence-03TL;DR? Take the time to watch these YouTube clips to get an idea of how we think about you. Every. Single. Customer. 

Here's a link to our business intelligence video.

Here's a link to our cloud video.

If you are into verbose bloviation…carry on.

You are a decision maker. You are driving in your car on the way to a meeting relating to one of a thousand things on your plate. Your inbox is filled with requests, issues, and a million other things you can’t possibly get to but must. Quite literally, the world does revolve around you, at least in your business. 

Now you get a phone call that your production database is down. Or maybe that call doesn’t even get to you until a day later when you find out you’ve lost hours of productivity. Now it's a question of mitigating loss. 

The thought occurs to you, "why is technology such a burden when its original intent was to improve?" You know you don’t have the budget to hire superstars and if you did, they’d move on after a short while anyway. 

cloud-solutions-1024x747You need to focus on the things “in your wheelhouse.” How in the heck do you get your IT out of the way? Why does it cost so much to upgrade this stuff? Is there another way? Did I leave the TV on? 

Let’s reframe your question, because that's what we do. How in the heck do you get IT to move you forward instead of constantly dragging you down?

That’s the very question we are constantly asking ourselves. 

Our conversations rarely ever start with specs. We want to understand the driving reason behind the discussion. Maybe there is an opportunity to pivot. Maybe there is another need within the business that can be solved at the same time. 

More importantly, as we have our dialog, we are taking the CIO level view. How can we help you improve efficiency, drive down cost, and get more from that technology?

During our nVision 2014 event (that seems so long ago….) we talked about a lot of trends for 2015. Brett Anderson and I presented on a couple of topics we see having a tremendous impact today for customers we have already implemented solutions for and ran through the case studies. Take a gander on our YouTube channel to get an idea of how we think about you. 

Also…No, you did not leave the TV on. 

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