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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Keep Your Website Up to Date

Posted by Dane Petersen on Aug 8, 2016 2:30:54 PM


Websites. Done right and they can make a great first impression for your business. Done wrong and well, let's just say first impressions are lasting. In today's day and age having an outdated website can spell trouble for your company, especially when consumers are used to having all the information they need right at their fingertips. 

We sat down with one of our website developers, Dane Petersen to get his take on the top 3 reasons you should keep your website up to date.

1. Your website helps manage your business's first impression.

How your website looks conveys an impression to potential customers. Is your site modern? Is it bright and clean? Is it ascetically pleasing with corresponding graphics? Is it easy for potential customers to navigate? Your website is now an extension of your business. With everything so accessible via our mobile devices, more people are looking for websites first before going to the business themselves. Having an updated site means you are always putting your best foot forward.

2. Websites help your customers connect to you 24/7.
Websites never shut off or go home at five o'clock. Keeping your website updated and ready to go means that your potential customers are able to access your information at any time and from any device. Having your website updated means that you're customers are getting the most accurate and updated view of your information which can help them make informed purchase decisions on the go.

3. Keeping an updated website helps showcase your work and expertise.
Your website is a great opportunity to showcase the knowledge of your company. Whether it be through writing blogs or simply explaining the services you can offer to customers, keeping your website up-to-date with your work and expertise helps your potential and existing customers see what you're best at. 

These are just a couple key reasons for keeping your site updated and fresh. Dane also emphasizes the importance of having a mobile-friendly site. Statistically, most people view websites from their mobile devices in today's fast-paced environment. Making sure your site is easily accessible from all platforms is key when presenting your audience with an updated website experience. 

Click the link below, for more information on how Network Center, Inc.'s experienced team can help you update your website and enhance your users' online experience. We look forward to brainstorming with you on ways to help improve your online presence. 


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