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nVision 2015: A Look Back

Posted by Andrew McKenzie on Nov 9, 2015 4:36:07 PM

It took months of planning and in a whisper of the wind, nVision 2015 is now a thing of the past. Before we turn our attention to the last, and arguably busiest, 6 weeks of the year I wanted to take a little time to reflect upon what was nVision 2015.

Before I jump right into the highlights from this year, I realize some of you may not be familiar with nVision. nVision is our annual technology conference. As stated in our nVision literature:

“nVision focuses on the future of technology while bringing together leaders from the region to collaborate, strategize, and discuss new technologies. It’s an informal chance to learn valuable information and find some inspiration moving into 2016 and years to come. Topics include: Next Generation Storage, Security, Cloud, Mobility, Collaboration and much more.” 

In short, it’s all about getting people together to talk technology. We want to learn who is doing what and why. It’s about answering questions and exposing people to new ideas, technologies, and strategies. It is an event we host ever year, so if you happened to miss this year’s event, we will be hosting it again next fall.

Now that everyone is caught up, let’s get to some of the highlights from this year’s event:

  • Mark Rheault was our keynote speaker. Mark kicked off our day with an excellent presentation titled “Fostering a Culture of Innovation.” From thought provoking statements to some of the most curious inventions, attendees were rewarded with valuable insight on how to integrate innovation into their lives.
  • Panel Discussion with Regional IT leaders: Heidi Konynenbelt (OtterTail Power), Darin King (NDUS), Gary Inman (Bell State Bank), Ron Gronneberg (City of Fargo). This panel was set to answer questions provided by our facilitator and field any questions from the audience. They shared their top initiatives, strategies, and ideas. With expertise ranging from 4 different sectors and industries, the answers they provided benefited all of those in attendance.
  • Breakout sessions. Most of the day was focused on providing as much information to as many people as possible. There were more than 25 breakout sessions covering information along the entire technology spectrum. There was even a more business focused track that focused on topics like Office 365, SharePoint, digital strategies, and Windows 10. The more technical track covered everything from the nuts and bolts of hardware to cloud based offerings.
  • Full lineup of technology sponsors. In the midst of all the breakout sessions and people moving about, the vendor lounge remained a constant. With over 19 sponsors, attendees had unrestricted access to the presenters, vendors, and key resources to get more specific information they needed. 
  • Hands-on Cisco/VMware lab. One of the new features to this year’s event was the Cisco & VMware lab. It enabled attendees to sample new features, test updates and upgrades, and get some exposure to things they may be curious about. The lab was overseen by Cisco and VMware experts to ensure no question was left unanswered. As it was pointed out by many, it was extremely helpful to be able to try and test without compromising their current environment or by having to stay after hours to figure something out.

And that, in a nutshell, was nVision 2015. Naturally I skipped over the other key highlights of the event, which include plenty of food, plenty of drinks, and a day away from the office. By now you’re most likely kicking yourself for not attending, and if you did attend, I’m sure you’re already wishing for next fall to come around so you can have another round of this event.

To hold all of you over though, we do host a wide range of events throughout the year. We’ll host social events to get you familiar with our team and partners to more educational events to help you stay up to date on trend in technology. To ensure you’re on our mailing list or want to know more about other events and how to stay involved with Network Center, Inc. happenings, contact your Network Center, Inc. representative. Heck, contact any one of us and we’ll be willing to help.

Thanks to all who made this year’s event the best we have had and we look forward to already planning for nVision 2016.

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