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A Day in the Life:  Paul Staszko - Application Developer

Posted by Kirsten Henagin on Feb 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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In a world of fast technology and changing markets, what do people in an IT consulting company actually do? At Network Center, Inc. we engage in responsible innovation, have a relentless dedication to our customers, and most of all - we are committed to our employees. The Day in the Life blog series highlights our employees’ talents, passions, and expertise in all of our departments. Day in the Life has the goal to provide a holistic, behind-the-scenes look of our company.

“I’d still be writing software even if no one was paying me to. It’s my thing.” – Paul Staszko, Application Developer

Society has found the fruits of application development to be a norm of everyday life with smart phones, tablets, laptops, and countless other forms of technology constantly surrounding people. What many people don’t realize is that application development is truly challenging and thought intensive work.

Paul Staszko has been with Network Center, Inc. for six months, but his experience in professional software development began 13 years ago. For Paul, his work at Network Center, Inc. is not just a job, but also a deep-rooted passion.


His actions speak louder than his words. Paul’s mission is not only to perform good work when helping clients, but to do great work. The projects at Network Center, Inc. are “interesting and engaging,” continually stretching Paul’s skills in new ways.

Paul’s day begins with coffee and a granola bar as he begins to jump into his daily tasks. When approaching a problem, he always seeks innovative new ways to debug the issue. He works with the Interactive Team at Network Center, Inc. finding optimal solutions for clients on a daily basis. Paul is truly an ambassador of the NCI brand and culture, always seeking new and innovative opportunities for client projects.  He keeps coming back to the office every day, not just for the coffee – but for the people.

“I’d still be writing software even if no one was paying me to. It’s my thing,” Paul stated.

Paul believes that the depth and breadth of services that Network Center, Inc. offers is key in what makes NCI unique. He says, “IT is very diverse and we can do it all in a one-stop-shop model.” However, this is not to over simplify the problems clients face or to undervalue each employee’s specialization when solving issues. “People [at Network Center, Inc.] have a strong attention to detail and what will serve the customer well,” Paul emphasized.

For customers that are in need of IT services, Paul recommends establishing and developing a relationship with the people providing services. The point is to find people that a client can trust and will do right by the client. “When you do business with NCI, you have a lot of resources available to you,” Paul highlighted, in comparison to segmenting your services to multiple providers. In the time that Paul has been with Network Center, Inc. he has displayed the company’s core values through his work, collaboration with his colleagues, and while seeking optimal solutions for customers.


When Paul isn’t at the office he spends his time in his newly purchased house. His favorite pastimes include video games, watching Netflix, kite flying, bike riding, and constructing and collecting complex Lego sculptures. His favorite book is PowerShell in Action by Bruce Payette, which exemplifies his passion deeply rooted in script administration.

Stay tuned for more installments to the “A Day in the Life” series; giving you a behind the scenes look at the people behind your project.


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