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Day in the Life - Corey Stoner, Network Systems Analyst

Posted by Kirsten Henagin on Mar 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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In a world of fast technology and changing markets, what do people in an IT consulting company actually do? At Network Center, Inc. we engage in responsible innovation, have a relentless dedication to our customers, and most of all - we are committed to our employees. The Day in the Life blog series highlights our employees’ talents, passions, and expertise in all of our departments. Day in the Life has the goal to provide a holistic, behind-the-scenes look of our company.

“In the short time I have been here, I have learned more about IT than I have in my whole career.” – Corey Stoner, Network Systems Analyst

Corey Stoner, Network Systems Analyst, hails from University of Mary with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management. He has been with Network Center, Inc. (NCI) for the last four and a half years. However, his exposure in the industry goes back to his first internship in 1999 – seventeen years ago.  His favorite pastimes include barbequing, hunting, fishing – and pretty much, anything outdoors.

For Corey, each day is different at NCI. He has a core set of clients that he spends the majority of his time assisting. He time consists of a combination of tasks ranging from fixing issues to attending sales meetings with potential or existing customers. Training Microsoft Cloud and Azure products are staple jobs for Corey. Other tasks include implementation planning, and according to Corey fixing “the whole gambit.”

Corey1.pngIn a typical day, he works with customers, small companies (3-4) to large companies (100+). These customer situations vary in the number of people he will be working with on an implementation. For example, a smaller customer will have one onsite person that has a technical focus. However, in a larger customer site he could be working with five other IT people. Office 365 migrations are a common task Corey performs, some of which are hybrid integrations with over 100 mailboxes. These processes can vary in length depending on magnitude and intricacy, but on average from start to finish approximately a few weeks to a month is a typical process. 

When reflecting the favorite part of Corey’s day he said, “When the customer is happy.” He likes seeing the whole plan come together and having that plan work for a customer. The role that Corey holds at NCI directly impacts customers. He is now transferring into a role with more design and planning work for projects to ensure success and timeliness. He also helps the sales team when serving customers. 

Corey revered NCI’s differentiator within the market with the following statement, “We do things that are right for the customer, not just trying to sell things.” The emphasis NCI places on customer service is lived by our employees every day with the company’s value of dedication to all customers.

Corey_Muskie_2.pngComing back to the office every day isn’t hard for Corey because of the people that surround him at the office. There is a strong team aspect when serving customers. The satisfaction provided to customers would not be attainable if the NCI team members were working alone.

What are some words of advice Corey has for customers looking for IT services? He thinks customers should approach IT services how you would look at hiring a contractor or an electrician. You are hiring someone that knows more about something than you and that you need help with. This allows for the hired professionals to take care of the details you may not understand, and they make sure it is done well.  

While at NCI, Corey has been able to see how good businesses run and how to do business the right way. “In the short time I have been here, I have learned more about IT than I have in my whole career,” Corey said.

Lastly, a fun fact about Corey is that he has an identical twin brother, that only a handful of people have met.

Stay tuned for more installments to the “A Day in the Life” series; giving you a behind the scenes look at the people behind your project.


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