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Day in the Life - Andrew McKenzie, Account Executive

Posted by Kirsten Henagin on Apr 29, 2016 11:30:00 AM
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In a world of fast technology and changing markets, what do people in an IT consulting company actually do? At Network Center, Inc. we engage in responsible innovation, have a relentless dedication to our customers, and most of all - we are committed to our employees. The Day in the Life blog series highlights our employees’ talents, passions, and expertise in all of our departments. Day in the Life has the goal to provide a holistic, behind-the-scenes look of our company.

Andrew McKenzie has been with Network Center, Inc. for the last three years as an Account Executive . Andrew graduated from Moorhead State University Moorhead, where he obtained his degree in Communication Studies. When Andrew isn’t at the office, he is a baseball coach and enjoys spending his time outdoors.

“If you spent a day with an account executive at NCI, you’d notice our relationships with customers aren’t just sales focused. We spend time to develop relationships and become a partner, not just a vendor.”

-Andrew McKenzie, Account Executive

The typical day for Andrew is spent working with nearly everyone in the office. The Account Executive role is versatile because they interact with various teams across the organization. You could be working with one department for part of the day and another group for the remainder of the week. Andrew’s role at Network Center, Inc. has a plethora of tasks that get tied into being an Account Executive. It isn’t just cold-calling customers, but also meeting with customers face-to-face and navigating customers needs and goals. For Andrew, the fact that his role is different from day to day and even week to week, provides a sense of excitement and drive to continue to be engaged.AndrewBaseballCoach.jpg

The Account Executive position does primarily serve the company by developing a steady sales pipeline, but this takes on a different level of importance when operating in an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program). With this kind of organizational structure, the impact the sales team has benefits the most senior employee to the newest hire. To be successful in this role there are key traits to develop and master such as, persistence, resilience, adaptability and tenacity. The team of Account Executives spends a great deal of their time interacting with customers, being a resource for them and seeking to understand their business’ needs. Through these interactions, the information gathered not only helps NCI understand that one specific customer case, but provides knowledge that can turn into a best practice across the organization when helping all customers.

With each new customer and project, and the information and learning acquired as a result, it only adds to how effectively Network Center, Inc. can service and support a wide spectrum of technology. Andrew views NCI’s expansive range of technology services as a key differentiator in the IT industry. The company value of providing responsible innovation is a pinnacle in his mind for how we provide value to customers, not just another gadget. The goal of NCI is to provide solutions to business problems, not to sell a product. 

For Andrew, he is inspired by the fact that NCI is always growing and changing. The dynamic atmosphere, approach to solving business problems, and large array of service offerings help him to stay motivated. When reflecting on when he started at NCI three years ago, he said, “We are constantly revamping our efforts to be as valuable to our customers as possible. It’s a great environment, culture and mentality to be a part of.”Andrew.jpg

Key challenges that face organizations seeking IT services are the adversity of making change (and the risks incurred by said change) and an unfamiliarity with newer technology and how it can improve a company in various capacities. Rightfully so, as a change in a partner or vendor, or utilizing different technology provides a sense of vulnerability and discomfort. Andrew notes that overcoming these adversities, resolving business problems with new technology, and establishing a solid relationship with a new IT partner are rewards that outweight the risks. 

When giving advice to those that are looking for IT services, Andrew encourages customers to ask questions and to never settle. Make sure that the relationship developed with your IT vendor provides value and benefits you, as the customer. When partnering with any IT vendor, you want to find a partner that shares your goals and visions, and operates proactively to help you achieve them. Asking questions is key as the IT world is ever-changing and your partner should be a reliable resource to stay on top of those changes.

In closing, Andrew’s fun fact is that he was born at the same hospital as Will Ferrell. We almost have a celebrity in the house!

Stay tuned for more installments to the “A Day in the Life” series; giving you a behind the scenes look at the people behind your project. Click the link below to browse through other members of the NCI Sales Team.


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