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5 Reasons Businesses Are Quickly Adopting Video Collaboration

Posted by Tara Patoile on Feb 25, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Imagine yourself in the following scenario: the company you work for is finding ways to make work-life balance more flexible as a 2016 goal, and has asked if you are interested in teleworking at least part time. The reality of this scenario is that three quarters of companies worldwide have already introduced flexible working into their environments *. What does this mean for you? It means the ability to interface with people through different mediums, from multiple locations, by leveraging various devices and toolsvideo-collaboration-network-center-video-guidance.png

Businesses small and large recognize the need to employ tools that enable their workforce to feel connected, increase productivity and help them thrive in whatever environment they choose - that’s where video collaboration comes in. You’ve likely used Facetime, Google Hangouts or Skype, whether personal or professional, to quickly and easily collaborate or communicate with someone. Companies hear and see the demand for video collaboration as a preferred medium to interact and get work done, removing time and distance barriers.

Aside from the recognized benefits, here are common reasons why businesses are adopting video collaboration:

  1. Improved productivity – The tools, technology and people are at your fingertips – reaching the right people when you need them to ultimately get more done in a shorter amount of time.
  2. Workplace satisfaction – Meeting with customers, partners and colleagues in a similar face-to-face environment creates deeper, more meaningful connections. Relationship-building is a core contributor to satisfied employees and partnerships.
  3. Maintained competitive edge – Video collaboration removes the barriers of distance and time, increasing your availability to improve customer service while discovering new opportunities.
  4. ROI and cost reduction – Traveling is one of the largest expenditures for businesses, making video collaboration a very appealing option for communication. Couple reduced cost with greater productivity and availability of resources, and the return on implementing a video collaboration platform far exceeds the expense.
  5. Streamlined process – Information can easily be distributed to streamline projects and day-to-day tasks. Did you know lack of communication and investment in technology are leading contributors to bottle necked projects**?

Short- and long-term benefits of video collaboration help businesses alike reach the same goals to improve efficiencies, open lines of communication, save money and maintain a flexible environment for employees. It’s no wonder with 61% of people using their home broadband service to access work applications (and 24% on mobile) that video collaboration will prove to enhance performance *.

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Are you interested in utilizing Video Collaboration to reach your business goals? Reach out to the team at Network Center, Inc. for more information on how Video Collaboration can positively impact your company. 


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